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Role of Partnership to Fight Chronic Diseases (PFCD) in Tackling NCDs in India

The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) is a global organization committed towards raising awareness about NCDs and finding sustainable solutions to tackle the growing disease burden. The PFCD has been working in India for a few years now and has held several multi-stakeholder discussions, with participation from policy makers, public health experts, medical practitioners, patient groups, and pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

After conducting two successful back-to-back multi-stakeholder discussions in New Delhi and Mumbai in August 2014, the PFCD hosted two further rounds of discussions on the similar format in Chennai and Ahmedabad in December 2014. The discussions served as the platform to highlight the growing burden of NCDs along with the role of different stakeholders in fighting this epidemic. These discussions brought together experts and opinion leaders from all related fields including policy, medical, academic, research, pharmaceutical, medical technology and patient groups.

Role of Partnership to Fight Chronic Diseases (PFCD) in Tackling NCDs in India

The main objective behind the discussions was to develop innovative policies related to NCDs as the PFCD believes it is best to have multi-sectoral approach involving policy makers and stakeholders in tackling the chronic disease burden. Through these initiatives, the PFCD ensures that policymakers, communities, and individuals have the information they need to make the right decisions regarding health and health policy.

These strategic interventions become all more important as the newly elected Indian government has set its vision to establish a universally “accessible, affordable and effective” healthcare system in the country, addressing an issue of paramount importance to achieve inclusive growth. As the government takes its initial steps towards shaping a healthy India, this initiative is aimed towards garnering the attention of policy makers towards developing innovative policies in mitigating NCDs, which will be instrumental in realizing the vision set by the new government.

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