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Readying the arsenal

How can NCDs be better prevented and controlled? Primary prevention, built upon a robust early screening system, and a strong healthcare infrastructure, are the two main arms of the solution.

To enable this solution to act swiftly and with precision, it is imperative to build a comprehensive base of relevant data, which can be used as points of reference. This again envisages close and continuous collaboration among the public and private sectors and civil society. Most importantly, the medics and the researchers require uninterrupted infrastructural support that includes the following:

– Robust mechanisms for data collection, data sharing, analysis and knowledge transfer

– Systems for monitoring and evaluation

– Clearing houses for people to share and learn about what works and what doesn’t in various contexts

There is an imperative need to have a competent public health system, coupled with innovative strategies, technology-based initiatives and an efficient use of the existing resources. A multi stakeholder approach is the need of an hour where different stakeholders have their specific roles, and their experience and expertise can be utilized to set clear goals and objectives along with a roadmap to accomplish them.

The PFCD, through its multi-stakeholder discussions and expert consultation meetings, is aiming to create an ideal platform where prominent policy makers, public health experts and industry professionals work in collaboration to suggest a comprehensive approach that can be instrumental in addressing NCDs and providing accessible and affordable healthcare to all.

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